Four Plate Folder

Four Plate Folder - The industry standard for folding.

Dynafold MACHINE DE-210

  • Minimum noise level
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy Operation
  • Digital control panel
  • Manual adjusting trays
  • Five standard folds up to 14"
    plus custom fold settings

Dynafold MACHINE DE-102AF

  • Light-weight
  • High performance
  • Easy operation
  • New table top design for in-plant shops,
    speedy-printing center, copy center, school, office.

Dynafold MACHINE DE-380

  • Digital Jam Detector
  • Push button paper setting
  • Self adjusting to paper thickness
  • Load up to 500 sheets
  • Electronic counter
  • Conveyor belt stacker
  • Start-stop switch


Dynafold specializes in Paper folding machines, digital paper folders, folding machines, pressure sealers, pressure sealing machines, pressure sealing, miniature paper folding, pharmaceutical paper folding, letter folding machines, letter folding, tabbing machines, tabs, mailroom equipment, labels for tabbing, automatic tabbing machines.

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